Online Proofing Software – Saves time and money to a large extent

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Published: 17th December 2010
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You can save lot of your time and money if you are using online proofing software.Proofing software improves efficiency and simplifies the design review, feedback and approval process. Every successful project needs to involve communication and feedback between the designer and the client. Proofing software allows your customers to see their proof, mark and edit proofs in their browser, easily approve proofs and deliver approval to the designer. Online proofing software gives you the key tools you need to manage feedback and approval on high volume and time-critical design work. Proofing software almost saves 50% of your team’s time and increases the accuracy of your team. By using online Proofing software you can gather feedback on rough concepts, story boards, review website, logo designs, discuss wire-frames, flowcharts, review comps for brochures, and use it in hundreds of more ways. Many companies are providing online proofing software which can create high quality online proofs from almost any type of file including PDF, Adobe CS files, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, GIF, PNG, JPEG and many more. Using free proofing tool reviewers can view and reply to each others' comments in real time. This improves collaboration, speeds up approval and results in fewer proofing rounds. The proof owner and other members can see comments on the proof in real-time and add their own replies to create discussions threads. This saves time and results in a faster completion of each design cycle. Online proofing software is very easy to use, you just need to upload the file you wish to proof, mark comments, add notes and then share your proofs with others.

By using proofing software, you can easily tell your design team what changes you want in your website by simply marking and adding a note in your file to share it with your design team by real time chat. This will save your time and money because you and your client need not send it again and again to each other. So if your design usually takes one month for approval, then it will take only 1 week by using proofing software. Proofing software is a free proofing tool which can be used by graphic designers, web designers, ad agencies, marketing departments, industrial designers, printers, pre-press companies, public relations, photographers and many more. This software virtually eliminates Scrap, Rework, and Repair. Thus, proofing software reduces the time and cost of design handling and approval.

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